Why You Should Value Your Peace

You weren’t created to live a life of worry and anxiety. Your peace is sacred and it should be protected no matter what. Click to find out some of my practices to protecting my peace

How I Conquered One of my Biggest Fears

A few months ago I struggled with one of my biggest fears at the time. I was ready to give up and find another solution.

But through perseverance and faith I conquered.

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We Need #WhatsNext, Not Am I Next?

In one of the most crucial moments in our country, we need to speak out about the constant fears of being a woman in South Africa. It’s time we hold our government accountable. Let’s keep the conversation going and fight for change.
Rise Up South Africa

Dreaming of Unicorns Skin Range Review

I try out an upcoming local skincare brand Dreaming of Unicorns. Intensely moisturising body scrubs and oils that are inspired by the ingredients in an everyday kitchen and are totally natural.

Muse on a Mission: Casa Bella

This Muse on a Mission post focuses on my experience at the Italian inspired restaurant with a gorgeous view of the Durban beach. Read all about my Casabella dining experience.

21 Years, 21 Life Lessons

In 21 years I’m proud to say I’ve grown, I’ve conquered and I’ve failed. I’ve learnt from the pain, to fight in my doubt and to hold my crown up high. These are a few of the life lessons I’ve learnt.

Muse on a Mission: Views at Twenty5

The Muse on a Mission is a new series on The Maree Muse, in collaboration with The Entertainer App South Africa I will be reviewing my various experiences and savings with the app. The Entertainer app is a discount saving app that allows you to cash in on various deals in various categories. Read about my experience at Views at Twenty5.