A Little Midlands Meander


One of my favourite things is to be surrounded in arty fun places and on this beautiful Saturday I definitely found a new space.

This morning we took a drive to the warm Midlands where I was overcome with love and beauty for our gorgeous country. The adorable and cozy little resturaunt Piggly Wiggly welcomed us with a lovely table on the veranda and we had a delicious breakfast with such pleasant service.

The atomsphere of this little gem, honestly feels like home and it’s a such a calming, revitalizing little spot seeing families out and about and little kiddies running around. It’s an absolutely perfect family spot.

Around the restaurant are a variety of little stores to inspire you and tantalize your senses whether it be the soft cotton clothing or the delicious eye candy of the brilliant art work in the gallery. The ceramic work in the gallery is absolutely breathtaking.( I have to be honest I’ve never really thought much of ceramic work but seeing those details and colours, I definitely have a new respect.)

So while my eyes were feeding on the aesthetic details around me, I came across a little store that made candles but the exciting part was you could paint these candles at the store. Of course I wanted to get in on the action so I chose a triangular shaped candle and was taught the ways of this interesting art.

I opted to do warm colours for my candle, so my parents could functionally use it in the dining room (yes because my parents do occasionally have little date nights or in case of Eskom). Basically the the process of candle painting, I could dip into the colours for about 3 seconds then dip it in water and if you want it darker you dip it in the same colour for another 3 seconds. The colours have to be applied from light to dark and once you’ve chosen them, the rest just becomes an interesting and fun process. I found it pretty tricky to blend the colours hence you can see the dividing line of each colour but it was a fun experience nine the less.

If you’re in the area or looking for an arty space to wander about, I definitely recommend the Midlands Piggly Wiggly and the little shops.


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  1. chelstibs says:

    Omg when can we go there?


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