50 Shades of…

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Nude!!! It may not be particularly on trend right now but I adore a nude make up look. It creates a soft and elegant look that I really just love.

Nude may not be like the lustful, smokey Greys but it’s simple and chic option and I prefer it as a sweet day look.
The fleshy, light pink colours are perfect to use especially after a long night so it’s great to cover up any dark areas.

My personal growing collection is all from Essence. I’m a pretty big fan of this make up brand because they’re really well priced with a good quality.

P.S if you’re looking for lipsticks and wanna be price conscious, I highly recommend the Essence lipsticks.

The 3 nail polishes are a part of the nude range and they’re awesome for an everyday look because they go with everything. I often wear them for university so I don’t have to constantly change colours.
The lipstick is a matt nude and I’m crazy about it but if you’re a gloss Kind of girl, the nude lipgloss is just as great.
And lastly the nude eyeshadow pallete, I use the bronze palette a lot because I love the metallic colours and I’ve been wanting to try the nude set for a while.
I’m really happy with it and the tones are really rich but subtle.

Essence products can be found at Clicks and Dischem.


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  1. chelstibs says:

    I have the eyeshadow pallet as well and I love it!


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