Support and Shop Local


Watch out, Factorie and Cotton On looks like a new store might be stealing some market share. Soda Bloc is a relatively new, trendy South African store under the Foschini Group and now Durban can finely get in on some of the action.

Their clothes are fashion-forward, comfortable and true to South Africa’s cool and relaxed nature. It’s filled with wardrobe essentials from great jeans to standard t-shirts which is honestly perfect for the average campus student. But the fashion isn’t just the best part, for those of you who may be price conscious, Soda Bloc really knows how to appeal to the pocket of semi-broke teenagers. They’re really well priced with quality clothing in styles we adore and love.

Could this honestly get any better?

Actually it does! Firstly don’t get me wrong I’m a Factorie and Cotton On lover but sadly these stores are international brands which means that when you shop at these stores, the  profits they make go to the country these brands originated from. However when you shop at Soda Bloc you’re helping the South African economy and supporting a local brand.

You can check out their store at the Pavillion in Durban and for more information check out their website.


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