Tea Time at Java Cafe

As most of you may know I’m quite the tea lover especially flavoured ones. I mean in all honesty I have probably about 8 different types of flavoured teas in my kitchen cupboard ( I know it may be a little obsessive).

So today I had a really lovely experience at the Java Cafe on the beachfront where I tried the Fresh Dragon Well green tea. I was presented with this lovely tray of teapot with the tea, a little jug of hot water and some snacks that were rice crackers (I think).

The flavour of this tea was really fresh but at the same time quite strong as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it to the green tea lovers. I have to admit i was really in awe with the presentation, everything was small and delicate.

Green Tea addicts, this is one to try.

P.S For those of you who can’t stand the thought or idea of green tea try it with a little honey. Once upon a time the thought of green tea was simply awful but in my case a spoonful of honey made green tea a little warm favourite of mine.


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  1. Guru santillan says:

    You should really try their chicken Alfredo, it’s divine


  2. COURTNEY says:



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