Hola Four15

Welcome to the walls that feels like home away from home. Four15 is a Mexican restaurant based in Durban North and it’s truly a little gem. 

As most of you know I’m a sucker for a fun and artsy space and the Four15 has stolen my heart. It’s a trendy, young spirited and family friendly place that serves hearty, authentic meals. The ambiance is so warm and inviting and I think that’s why I call it my little home away from home, everything about this fresh eatery feels comforting. The meals fill up those stomachs, the adventurous different lemonades ( I strongly recommend the strawberry lemonade) make for happy and great conversation and altogether people filled with smiles. 

So for the month of September enjoy half price Burritos on Mondays with Four15’s Mex Out Monday’s. Take a little study break and grab yourself some great food with friends, I highly recommend it. 

P.S If you’re looking for a little snack try their tortilla chips and discover all their amazing and different salsas. 


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