Back Pack Essentials for L.A


One of my girls won a trip to L.A and since it’s her first time out of the country with no parental supervision (sister supervision not included)  I thought I’d write this blog post about essentials for L.A.

Yes there are the standard essentials, like passports and toothbrushes but if you’re gonna be in the City of Angels, there’s a few other little things you’re gonna wanna pack.

1. Earphones/headphones (those plane rides are gonna be long and tedious)

2. Travel journal, I love to write so I would definitely document the journey.

3. Sunscreen, I know you’re probably going to wanna get an L.A girl tan but please make sure to take care of your skin.

4. Swimsuit, well obviously you’re going to go the beach to do some celeb spotting and hope a gorgeous life guard might look your way.

5. Sunglasses, every girl should tour L.A in style

6. Camera, take lots of photos so the rest of society can get super jealous.

* Important information you should rememeber

1. This isn’t really an essential but a little bit of advice, make sure you go and experience the country as best as you can.

2. ( make sure you buy your friends some really cute little gifts, e.g please bring Tasha chocolates or really anything)

3. Lastly travel safe and have an incredible time, wishing you all the best girl.

Yes Chelsea this post is dedicated to you.



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  1. chelstibs says:

    Thank you my girl! Love you loads ❤


  2. Sanchia says:

    So cute


  3. COURTNEY says:



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