Bursting with Colour

I know it’s one week late and I apologise but after a long and exhausting week I finally found time to write this post.

Last week was my first experience at the annually anticipated Colour Run and I can understand the craze. At first we were four girls in a sea of white tshirts who by the end of the event we were splattered colours among the beautiful mess.

For those of you who’ve never participated in a colour run, it’s a 5km walk with pit stops of colour. At each pitstop you can be ready to be doused in a particular colour so by the end of the run you’re a happy little walking rainbow. It’s a wonderful experience, seeing kids running around and families just happy and care free. Everyone just seems so friendly and nice as we throw fistfuls of coloured powder along the journey.

The best part is the festival at the end, where sachets of coloured powder are thrown out into the crowd and everyone throws their powder at the same time. It’s an intoxicating feeling, like being consumed with happiness as different colours collide, falling everywhere. The vibe of the event is just so cheerful, and though the weather was grey and bleak everyone had their smiles and their faces painted with rainbows.



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