A Sneak into my Christmas 

Oh and did I have a Maree Christmas indeed, with lots of spoils and a happy heart. I went for a soft and girly look with a black midi skirt ( with no exaggeration but I hunted for it) from YDE and a blush nude bodysuit from Legit and jewelry from Woolworths and Lovisa.

A little bit of advice if you’re looking for chokers, check out Woolworths I got a great set of 4 for R150 ( all thanks to my mama). And I guess my parents got the hint with my Maree Christmas Wishlist because I got the most fragrant bath bomb in a beautiful shape of a flower. Although I really wanted the Morphe Pallete my parents bought me the dupe from SwitchBeauty and it’s an absolute dream, I’m so glad they bought me this baby instead. The pigments are so bold and bright and the shimmers are just perfect and since most of you readers may know I love cruelty free products and SwitchBeauty products fit right into that category.

But here’s the thing I didn’t just fall in love with the palette, I fell in love with the company itself. Being a branding student, I’m a bit of a tough critic but I’m so passionate about this brand’s culture and everything they stand for. I know that appreciation emails are mass sent to every customer however I love the initiative to receive an email from the founder of SwitchBeauty Rabia Ghoor as well as the constant updates of my purchase. Their service is really impeccable and I will gladly be shopping from them again.

So what is exactly is a Maree Christmas, well for starters we have the tradition of the real Christmas tree, yup, every year we buy a real Christmas tree they vary in heights and we give the house a little Christmas transformation. The nutcrackers become centre pieces, lights get a little brighter and Mariah Carey serenades us from her CD. We open presents in the morning and then mom and I are off to church, we visit my dad’s family and we have Christmas lunch with my mom’s side. It’s a full day filled with love, laughter and grateful hearts.


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