By Black’s Make-Up Setting Spray

On a busy December weekend filled with weddings and family get-togethers By Black Mystique was a product sent from heaven. I’d been needing a make-up setting spray for a while but most of them are pretty pricey but Mystique comes at an affordable price of R100 and the best part just like their entire range, its vegan friendly and great for your skin.

It was honestly fantastic and it was really handy during the humid Durban heat where you feel like your face is potentially melting off. I’m quite a fan of this product and a little goes a long way in this bottle.

I also tend to struggle with allergies (Ugh) but I don’t sneeze at all using this product compared to hairspray unfortunately. I love how quick and easy it is to use and that I don’t have to constantly be touching my make-up in the bathroom. So I had more time on the dance floor and less time in front of the mirror (although the bathrooms are usually for selfies)

By Black’s stolen my heart and I’ve given them a 5/5 #MareeMark ( my little stamp of approval).


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