Ingeli Forest Resort

The sun smiled at her, the leaves brushed her skin and the dew filled grass tickled the soles of her feet. There was something special in the heart of nature’s beauty with each intake of oxygen revitalising her. There was a sense of peace among God’s most beautiful handwork and it caressed her in the arms of love.

The Ingeli Forest Resort is a beautiful getaway situated in Kokstad, South Africa and it made me feel like home away from home. The sight of nature and all things living was breathtaking and I never wanted to leave. I wanted to wake up to the sounds of the leaves rustling and the smell of the light rain, with the sights of the gorgeous mist that hung low on the hills everyday. The whole ambience of the resort was filled with peace and joy, guests had bright eyes and wide smiles and the staff were incredible with amazing service.

There is so much to enjoy in this little space in the woods, whether it’s reading with a cup of coffee or taking some adventurous strolls into the forest. It’s a lovely family holiday spot that will have every age group entertained, as a family of 3 we spent our few days trying to do as much as we could. We enjoyed a tiresome but soul-enriching 3,5km trail walk to a dam (which may I add ended up being longer because we got lost). The views and smell of the trees were inviting like someone welcoming you into their home. And though the bug bites may have stung, it didn’t matter because I was in awe (and well a good bubble bath is always a good cure to those bites and aches).

We spent our days as a bonding family playing adventure golf and then fishing golf balls out of ponds and giggling hysterically at terrible shots. A father teaching his daughter to play the game of pool ( which I have to admit I’m not that bad) and a mother and daughter friendly tennis game. It was a wonderful few days filled with love and I’m so grateful for having spent those few days there. The food was really good and we enjoyed a wholesome breakfast and dinner filled with a spoilt variety. It’s a charming place to reconnect with those you love, to reflect and to appreciate what is most most important in life.

The resort isn’t some lodge filled with luxury, it’s simply appreciating simplicity and falling in love with the little things.



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  1. COURTNEY says:

    Totally relaxing.


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