Her old rustic interior and leather seats gleamed at us as we gathered upon the vintage  train. The sun kissed our faces and the land waved a hello in the faint breeze. Our breaths, stolen by the captivating beauty of our Land, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Welcome to the Umgeni Steam Railway, although we didn’t have the pleasure to travel on their steam train, their coal train was an incredible experience. We took an hour long ride from Hillcrest to Inchanga where we were in awe of our beautiful country. The hills that dipped into valleys and the gorgeous greenery that surrounded us. It’s a lovely one hour adventure for the whole family and as you stop in Inchanga you can visit the friendly faces at their flea market.

Pack yourself a picnic basket or indulge at the darling stalls and enjoy the summer air and beauty of South Africa.

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  1. Ashni Raman says:

    Great video and description, I actually felt as if I were on that train too 🙂


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