Meet the talented Thaakirah Isaacs Jacobs


Thaakirah Isaacs Jacobs is an incredible digital artist that I has the pleasure of getting to know. Art is her passion but she often only gets a chance to do sketches when she has a break from looking after her one year old daughter. She’s a 24 year old living in the beautiful Cape Town where she is a manager of the RAW photo developing department at Yuri Arcurs Production. I’m absolutely in awe of our her work and she did this super awesome artwork of me (top left) that I can’t stop admiring. I lover her attention to detail and I’m so intrigued in the idea of digital art.

I asked Thaakirah also known as @thaaks.i on Instagram a few questions about what inspired her to get into digital art and her passion for this medium.

What inspired you to get into Digital Art?

“Well, I’ve been drawing since the Age of three (My mother kept all my artworks since then!) and I knew that it would be something I’d like to take further one day. After school, I studied 2D Animation at False Bay College and thats where I learnt to work digitally, in Photoshop. Since then I havent looked back!”

What do you love about this form of medium?
 “I love the fact that I can express myself through my art and show people my unique style, In hopes that they will enjoy what they see. I also hope to inspire other fellow artists.”
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
“From people who inspire me personally, to people who are simply interesting characters! Anything that has had some kind of positive impact on my life.”
Any advice for our young artists out there?
 “Keep Arting is my slogan. That is something I have had to tell myself constantly. Life can be demanding and it can cause one to abandon art. Try and push to draw at least once a week. The more you draw, the better you get. And its also nice to “escape” the real world every now and then!”
I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to engage with this remarkable young woman who is such an inspiration. Never give up on your passion and what makes you happy. I love her positive outlook and her kind, fun-spirited personality.
To watch how Thaakirah did this amazing digital artwork of me Click this link below:
Characterising the Blogger Tasha Lee Maree it’s definitely worth a watch and please feel free to leave your comments below.

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