Falling in Love with dreamers

It’s honestly one of the most breathtaking visual ensembles I have ever witnessed of the 21st Century and it’s pure magic. La La Land is truly deserving of every nomination and every award this year because last night at Numetro’s Girls Night Out I fell in love.

I fell in love with the story told of two dreamers; an aspiring actress and a jazz pianist who charm their way into the hearts of the audience with their gorgeous choreography and romance. It was so beautifully crafted together with the combination of music and the enchanting scenes. You felt as if you were apart of their whimsical love story and both characters played by such phenomenal stars pulled at your heart strings. It’s a love filled with possibilities and dreams filled with greatness.

Truthfully there is so many things I want to discuss, so many little details I’m aching to tell you but I can’t spoil the surprise because if anything you have to watch it. It’s a life lesson when it comes to being focused on your dreams but a life lesson in general just as well. Please do yourself the best thing you can, let your eyes glitter and your smile shine brighter and watch this magical film.

And just a little side note, for all the ladies who have never been to a Girls Night Out movie (sorry boys you’re not allowed) it’s a really lovely experience where you can win giveaways,  enjoy delicious snacks and well since females are ever so chatty- make a few new friends as well.

La La Land releases in cinemas in South Africa on the 27 January


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