Tasha’s birthday wishlist 

Since the 28th of January is soon approaching us and I saw this awesome pic online I couldn’t resist doing a little wishlist! 

I’m fairly simple since I’m a girly girl who has a sneaker obsession. But this photo really does justice to what I’d want for my birthday. 

1. I’m an avid reader, so a good book is always a good idea. 

2. Just buy me a nice bouquet of flowers 

3. You could go into Lovisa and pretty much pick almost anything and leave 

4. I’m always going to want a bath bomb from Lush or that rose lolipop lip balm  ( Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Any Day) 

5. Make up ( can’t really go wrong I’m not very fussy) 

6. Anything Rose Gold ( like really) 

7. Really pretty stationary ( campus starts soon and nice stationary is very motivating) 

8. Chocolate. 

In all honesty the most important thing to me is spending my birthday with the people I love and who support me, being surrounded by love and wonderful humans is what ultimately makes my day. 


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