The Urban Go-Getter

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I’ve been so excited to share the photos from my photoshoot with my wonderful photographer Kiara Naidoo. We did our shoot at the Salisbury Cafe in Westville, a charming conversational little hotspot that’s perfect for a little coffee catch up.

We wanted to keep the look fun and playful with something cute, so we paired the maroon overall dress from Cotton On (which I got from Jam clothing), a striped tshirt from Mr. Price, sneakers, and a maroon choker from Woolworths.

I wanted to go for something relaxed, perfect for a little picnic or coffee date (especially since Valentines Day is coming up). The Salisbury Cafe is great to do a little work, meet an old friend or even a new friend. The inspiration behind my look was a kind of urban “back to school” style with a hint of retro.

I love buying really good pieces which is why I adore this overall dress, a little bit of advice is to definitely do some factory shopping. I’ve managed to build my wardrobe collection through a lot of really good sales and bargain hunting.

Keep it fun and be true to you



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  1. Priar says:

    Cute Tash 😘💋


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