The Maree Love Story

With Valentine’s Day soon to be approaching us, ( in case you forget it’s on Tuesday) I thought I’d share a little story from the Maree’s. My parents have been married for 23 years and ask anyone of my childhood friends, they’ll tell you they are as in love now as they were 23 years ago.

They met at college ( which they call Tek aka Technikon ), my mom was a first year studying textile design and my dad a graphic design student. According to my mother, my father was a bit of an arrogant snob who “bullied” her in the dark room during their photography session. With a little persuasion from my dad’s best friend my mom started to take interest to my dad and well the rest is history, 2 creative minds fell in love.

I’m not being biased because we share DNA but my parents are incredibly adorable from romantic dinners to the gorgeous hand-crafted love letters my father would create for my mother. For their first Valentine’s Day married my father made my hand a concertina card of 25 Reasons why my mother is his Valentine. Unfortunately I can’t share all of them with you (there are the odd few I wish I didn’t read). But I have to share my favourites, each heart was found from old Reader’s Digest Magazines  and though that font looks printed, each letter was written by my dad.

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The card opens with love pouring out in bright pink strokes with my dad’s quick lettering and the words “I Love You” written across the paper and a quirky and bright doodle below. Each page there after contained a little heart at the top and a reason why my mother was his valentine. My parents were the epitome of ” Pinterest” and “Tumblr” they did the kind of things that every romantic fantisizes about. My top 5 reasons that my dad wrote were

  1. You give sight to “Love is Blind”
  2. You have a hold on my heart
  3. You will always be my “China Doll”
  4. You inspire the designer in me
  5. You and your cold feet… I’ll take them both

I’m not gonna lie when my mother showed me this a few months ago, I just sat on her bed and starting crying. It was one of the most romantic and beautiful things I had ever come across.

Valentine’s Day was always special in the Maree household, for 19 years my father had always been my valentine with a little gift each year. So even though I am single every year during the holiday my dad is always my valentine spoiling me and loving me. Over the years the cards slowly deteriorated but I’ve kept every single one ( I’m a hoarder when it comes to cards and letters).

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I even kept my valentine card from my first valentine, I was about 14 and my best friend’s younger brother declared he was my valentine! He was about 4 or 5 and he got his sister to write in the card where he drew an adorable cake ( I think he was under the impression that valentines day was similar to birthdays). He gave me a slab of chocolate and flashed his priceless smile. I’m sure this year he may have a valentine his own age at school and as for me, well I have a full day of lectures.

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Wishing you all a Valentines Day filled with love and happiness whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rubashni says:

    What an amazing love story❤️


  2. Nalini says:

    This is beautiful Tasha….so inspiring


  3. Rajeshree Munian says:

    Just beautiful. Well done Tasha.


  4. Phiwokwakhe Dimba says:

    Your parents are the few people that still remind us why we still take a chance and fall in love 🙂 such a nice piece!!


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