Let’s colour the town 

Last Thursday I was at the beautiful and artsy Station Drive in Durban where they host the monthly First Thursday’s event. But this event was a little different to their usual local loving fun, everyone was invited to colour the walls and pavements of Station Drive of chalk art. 

It was truly stunning, Durban artists showcased their skills in the pastel chalk medium and I, well I decided a little free promoting for my blog wouldn’t hurt. Kids wrote their names or drew abstract smiley faces, inspirational quotes livened the walls and stories were told. It was such an incredible event that brought the community of Durban and creatives together. 

Station drive became our own colouring book, a blank wall for our imaginations to live. 

If you’re ever in the area, snap a photo next to my little work of art and post it on social media with #themareemuse and make sure you geotag. Let’s start a movement of inspiring others and becoming our own muse.

These are some of the beautiful works of the chalk artists last week, it was such great fun, a little intimidating at times especially being surrounded with amazing talent. 

Through my strolls of the precinct I found a gorgeous denim boutique store that I could have honestly lived in. They’re vintage denim jackets with a little extra love. At the Denim Palace which is in collaboration with Mind Over Matter each jackets has gorgeous details added to them giving them a unique look. Their attention to detail could leave me broke for the rest of my life. Each item is so different with a great retro feel. I basically just want to buy all their denim jackets and take minimalist photos and look super cool. They are such gorgeous statement pieces to add to your wardrobe that will definitely give you a hipster, trendsetting status. 

Make sure to check them out on Denim Palace Instagram to see their trendy merchandise. 


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