An EcoTool a Day keeps You Slaying Everyday

imageOver the past year I’ve had a real change towards using more eco friendly and cruelty free products. As a consumer I think it’s important that we start investing our time in value and in brands that align themselves with being environmentally conscious.

In all honesty however these brushes are not mine, these beautiful make-up perfect-ers are actually under the possession of my mother. But she’s letting me occasionally borrow them ( which basically means she’s not getting them back). Okay, okay I actually really have to share them she’s been asking me to get her brushes for a long time and she’s managed to purchase one of the nicest brushes.

We got these 3 brushes from Clicks with there 3 for 2 sale and honestly I’ve been really happy with them ( Mom hasn’t used them yet because I have to give her a mini tutorial). It’s a precision brush which is great for foundation since I prefer to use a brush instead of beauty blender, a large powder brush which I used to apply my highlight since I’m not really a big fan of powder, and the eyeshadow brush which is my favourite because it blends the shadows beautifully.

The bristles are so soft and of a really great quality, they are a little pricey but I personally think they’re worth it. They’re produced using recyclable materials and bamboo and I love the feeling of them.

If you’re looking to splurge on some good quality Eco-friendly products, I definitely recommend the EcoTools range.


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