My Journey with Environ Skincare Part 1

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For the past few weeks I’ve had the incredible opportunity to try the Environ Original Skincare range and today I’m sharing my journey with you. It’s been about a month since I’ve started using these products and I’ve honestly really enjoyed the journey.

The Original Range consists of the:

  • Pre Cleanser
  • Foaming Gel Cleanser
  • Revitalising Toner
  • Balancing Masque
  • Firming Eye Gel
  • Debut Moisturiser

The Pre Cleanser is a great product that is used at night, it helps remove make-up and all impurities and dirt from your face. It keeps the skin healthy and I’ve enjoyed using this in my everyday routine. So in all honesty my skincare routine before testing Environ’s products were a basic face wash and moisturiser with the occasional toner and a mask maybe every 3 months ( so it wasn’t that great).

The Foaming Gel Cleanser is used twice a day and it’s one of my favourite products mainly because I love the feeling when I wash it off. This product is used in the morning for a fresh start to the day and at night after using the Pre Cleanser. I love how I’ve fallen into the pattern of using these products and I really do feel great using them. My skin feels hydrated and just happy to be honest.


The Revitalising Toner is also used twice a day and initially I had no idea what the purpose of a toner was I assumed that by just washing my face with a standard face wash I was getting rid of all the dirt in my face. This is not true ladies. I spoke to my skin consultant (oh yeah I got one of those when trying out this awesome range and she was really helpful). She told me that the toner gets rid of all the natural oils that have built up during the day and it’s really helpful for oily skin and if you get any acne.

The Balancing Masque is pretty awesome since there is 3 ways you can use it

  • Micro Exfoliator
  • Booster Masque
  • Overnight Treatment

This product is used 2-3 times a week and I love using the overnight treatment my skin feels absolutely amazing in the morning so I’ve been doing this once a week and then using it as a micro exfoliator as well during the week. I did notice that about 3 weeks into my journey I broke out on my forehead and cheek and consulted my skin specialist and it is normal, my skin was just getting used to the products.

The Firming Eye Gel is another favourite product of mine especially since I struggle with dark circles under my eyes because of my sinus. This product just makes everything better, it’s great for those long study nights fuelled on caffeine and what’s great is you can hide the exhaustion in the morning. This product is also used twice a day.

Lastly the Debut Moisturiser is a fantastic product with a great consistency and a lovely finish to your skincare routine. However my only problem with this product was that I particular love moisturisers with a nice scent and this moisturiser does have a clinical smell which I’m not crazy about but overall it’s great and does the job.

I know, I know you probably want to get in on the action too and experience for own journey to #rebornbeautiful skin. Well I have good news all of you can try out this great range for R695. You’ll be able to test 5 of the products (not including the Pre Cleanser) and they can be purchased from authorised Environ Stockists who are listed on their website

I highly recommend these products and I’ve enjoyed my journey so far, these products have really shown me the importance of Vitamin A for your skin. I hope you enjoy your journey to beautiful skin.




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