Celebrating 49 Chapters at The Story

It’s a little late but it’s a chapter that needs to be shared with all of you. In our family we have a tradition, since we are three food loving individuals every year on each of our birthdays we have to have dinner together at a restaurant we’ve never visited. Now this gets pretty difficult since we’ve been to a lot of Durban restaurants. We look for good food, good ambience and stellar service.

And if these things are on your list when adventuring into the Durban streets on a hunt for good food then you will love The Story. They’re situated at the Emakhosini Hotel a darling boutique hotel filled with character and romance. A fine dining Resturaunt fit for Lumière and Cogsworth with the sweet sound of the Beauty and the Beast track. It’s a real slice of the fantasy with a gorgeous little library as well.

Snuggled in a quiet table for 3, we were delighted to a martini glass of flavour enriched olives and bread sticks. I’m not even an olive fan but the taste was incredible. For the main course we indulged our palettes in a peach puréed chicken marinated breast with little discoveries of new flavours. The man of the moment, my dad celebrating a happy 49 years enjoyed a perfectly cooked venison while my mom ate the risotto packed with complimentary ingredients.

Our meals were nothing short of perfection and the experience along with their fantastic service created a beautiful evening.

But what is a birthday without a little chocolate indulgence, brought in like a piece of art was there decadent chocolate brownie in a strawberry sauce that was a masterpiece in our mouth.


If you’re looking for a beautiful restaurant to celebrate a lil something special The Story is a perfect house of memories.


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  1. Devashnee Chinniah says:

    Awesome review….will have to try it for your uncle’s birthday at the end of May.


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