Make your Travel Dreams Come True

If your eyes had the pleasure in witnessing the beauty of new worlds, your tongue the opportunity to taste new flavours from the corners of your smile, your hands and feet encountering strangers  and listening to the gorgeous movements of syllables rolling of the tongue to express conversation.

Where would you go?


I would let my skin be kissed my the island sun and my sight indulged in the breathtaking views of the Maldives. But being a full-time Bcom student in Strategic Brand Management in second year, the thought of travelling and costs seems completely overwhelming. (Let’a be honest just reading that sentence was a mouthful). This is my first post for the month of May and honestly its due to what I call #maymadness. Campus has been incredibly busy and I’m currently in the middle of exam preparations so just bare with me till June 20th. I’m honestly trying to get through the month and all this travel dreaming is keeping me hopeful.

I can only dream of travelling the world and exploring the world’s gems, but my darling readers I bring a solution that includes affordable travelling for students and affordable flights. TravelStart has recently launched ways to make travelling for the country-exploring junkie a lot easier with awesome tips, and information tailored for students.


I’ve often looked through travel agency packages and have afterwards either felt too broke, or just plain lost but TravelStart puts your anxiety at ease and restores that ease and excitement to travel. It’s everything a student traveller needs to know as they start their part-time nomadic journey.

Personally I would have loved to taken a year off, done the whole gap year thing and just live and experience different countries and cultures. TravelStart is offering you the world right at your fingertips as well as some handy advice like best times to travel and most popular travel destinations for that 20 year old on a budget, balancing exams and a social life.

Finally there’s a company that understands the desires of the average student wishing to see the world, who makes exploring simple and easy as well as lighter on my thrifty pocket. Student flights are about to become a breeze and travelling may soon become a reality instead of a dream in my varsity brain.


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