Fashion Fridays with Haute Events Part 1

It’s a reflection of personalities and a collaboration of fabrics that create walking pieces of art. They are symbols of diversity and a reflection of individuality. Fashion has become a silent yet bold mouth that displays our evolving and idiosyncratic mindsets.

I’m really excited to be attending the Haute Fashion Exhibition curated by Eshaa Amiin on the 28th of July at the Square Boutique Hotel in Umhlanga Durban. Since the event is filled with incredible international designers, I really want to be able to share this experience with you. Each week till the event I will be showcasing a few of the designers that will be at the event just to give you a little taste of the show and exhibition.

My first designer is Babita Malkani, she’s an indian designer to some of the biggest names in Bollywood as well as the stylist for many movies. She uses rich textures that emulate luxury and creating gorgeous silhouettes for the modern woman. She creates a melting pot of eastern combined with western wear with a beautiful colours and vibrant patterns. I’m personally obsessed with her collections and it’s kind of like eastern wear met Forever New. Malkani creates fun clothing that is fresh and unique with insight into consumer interests and an incredible aesthetic for design. I’d literally wear everything in her collections and I can’t wait to see her line walk down the runway at the Haute Event.


And then there’s a designer who really takes my breath away, Aartivijay Gupta creates clothing with some of the most gorgeous and unusual prints. She has a fun and eclectic style thats got a real hipster feel. She has an interesting take on prints pairing them with bold designs that really make her collection a one of a kind. Her designs are quirky and have a sense like they jumped out of a kids story straight onto the runway. There is a sense of whimsy that makes her designs so fascinating. I’d love to add one of her pieces to my wardrobe they are a real work of art.


Lastly Garo is a label for the conservative indian woman that still has a traditional silhouette however with a hint of modern styling. They are a luxury brand with beautiful designs, though this brand caters for the conservative woman, the choice of colours are vibrant and bright. It’s a pretty and subtle collection.


These are just a few tasters of the designers, stop by next week if you wanna know which other celebrity designers will be there.


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