Disney under the Stars

I know I know it’s late but I’ve been quite sick the last few days and I’m a firm believer of “Better Now than Never.”

Just over a week ago I spent a slightly chilly Saturday night under the stars spreading some love with a few friends. Old Mutual at the Lake presented the Outdoor Cinema by screening the childhood favourite The Lion King. The movie started at 5:30pm with the chatter and excitement of families and a lot of kiddies who were The Lion King virgins. These kids really missed out on the real Disney classics and singing along to Timon and Pumba.


There were tears that rolled down my face as I tried my hardest to not ball my eyes out when Mufasa died but I wasn’t the only one feeling a tad bit emotional, a child behind me might have been SCARed for life (see what I did there). The night was really incredible, about 3000 people all young and old went through the motions of this timeless Disney film together. We all cried, laughed and sang along together.

And of course what is a night under the stars without a picnic basket, some snacks (that I literally hardly ate) and good company. It was a night filled with memories and I really recommend you check out the next outdoor cinema It’s a really great experience.


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