Fashion Friday (on a Tuesday) with Haute Events Part 3

I’m aware today isn’t Friday even though I seriously wish I was back in bed and the end of the week was already here. Unfortunately the past few days have been a little rough due to my under the weather ailments. I’m still a little “sickling” but I’m back to bring you a few more designers from the Haute Event that I’ll be attending on the 28th of July.

It’s 2 weeks till the Haute Events Fashion Exhibition and I’m glad to be a part of the upcoming show. To be able to connect and socialise with international designers and other various bloggers is such an incredible opportunity and I’m so grateful.

My first designer today is a unique and daring jewellery designer, Valliyan. This brand is one of India’s first luxury jewellery brand founded in 2008 by Nitya Arora. Her influences in her designs comes from her adventures and travels. Arora is a leading fashion jewellery designer in the industry who has won many awards within her contributions to the Indian market.  Her collection is bold and fun and I adore the details and use of coloured stones in her designs. Her style has an ethereal meets galactic sense giving it an other-world like magic to them. They are each statement pieces designed to steal any show and add a distinct glam look. A lot of her work has a beautiful interesting use of geometric shapes and patterns contrasted with different mediums and the reflecting lights of various stones. There is a strong architectural element that is dramatic and regal to her work that creates a unique creative context to her designs.


The stunning Mandira Wirk, designer to the Bollywood stars will also be showcasing her collection at the event. Wirk designs for both males and females and has had the well-known Saif Ali Khan as one of her models for her label. She uses soft pastel colours and has a beautiful understanding of the feminine silhouette. Her details are dainty and she has created art to be worn straight off the runway. Her collections have a sartorial elegance that kind of have a decadent high tea flair to them with gorgeous beading and lace. I love the use of intricate embellishments she’s ties into her work.

Next up on our feature is the jaw dropping talented and former creative director of womenswear for the french brand, Paco Rabanne. Manish Arora is among one of the world’s finest fashion designers with an incredible track record to back him up. He’s built his brand through his show-stopping designs and his visionary, eccentric aesthetics. I can’t explain my excitement over this designer, he hasn’t just designed for the biggest fashion icons like Rihanna and Lady Gaga but he’s also collaborated with huge brands like Disney, Swarovski, Nivea and many more. Arora is not afraid to transcend the boundaries of fashion and his works are a true testament to his individuality. I’m obsessed with his works because of his kaleidoscopic use of colour print. His use of prints are composed together in a pure art form and they are simply magnificent to see. His garments are bursting with colour and there is a gorgeous reference to ethnicity and tribalism in his work. His collection has it’s own voice that speaks for itself, its daring and innovative and it will not be silenced. His designs are expressive and loud but they have such a beautiful dynamic with the soft and submissive movement of the clothing.


Lastly the designer duo Gauri and Nainika are on my list, these 2 ladies grew up in New Delhi and were originally economics students with a love for fashion. They’re collections are inspired by the 70s european woman and are influenced by the classics and old Hollywood glam. Their garments are ready to wear evening gowns and couture with a simplistic, feminine aesthetic that is pretty and sweet. It has a “good girl” connotation to their clothing in soft colours and flattering silhouettes. There is a whimsical little charm about their designs that’s youthful and girly and yet still fitting for a modern woman. Their feminine theme and culture in paradox to the dramatic and subtle details is what makes them so unique and attractive.


There are really some incredible talent to be showcasing this event and if you haven’t gotten your hands on tickets make sure you do or pop by the open exhibition on the 29-30 July.


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