Plan B Dessertery: Yay or Nay

This is quite a long overdue review but with juggling assignments and the standard student life  it’s been a little crazy.

So if you haven’t seen the delicious, Instagram worthy bubble waffles that have been taking over your social media and you live in Durban, do you really live in Durban though? A recent, trendy little dessert hotspot has opened up in Durban North and it’s really giving everyone the feels if they haven’t tried it out.

That’s why I’m here to let you know if the adventure to Durban North is really worth it.

I’ll be honest when I saw a few of my followers and friends posting these aesthetic sweet-tooth foods, I wanted to see the hype. And personally I feel that’s all Plan B really is.

If you haven’t already visited their store, it’s a nice little first time visit but I personally wouldn’t go back again just for a waffle shaped in a cone with different fillings. There isn’t a special or unique flavour but it is definitely something nice to try especially if you have a soft spot for a sugar rush.

On my encounter I ordered the Wimbledon, a Bubble waffle filled with strawberries, crushed meringue, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was a nice little treat to end the day but I wouldn’t particularly drive out to Durban North to relive the taste experience again. I also had a taste of the churros (from my parents duhh) which we were honestly not impressed with. They weren’t fully cooked and apparently that’s due to their recipe.


Overall its a lovely store and great for Durban I give it a Yay for a first timer, because I believe you should go out and experience it but as a second timer and if offered to go again it’ll be a Nay.

Also just on the side because I’m branding student, their name seriously annoys me. Why would you call your restaurant Plan B, you’re setting yourself up to always be second best and the second choice to the consumer. But I want to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience and if you like the name.


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