Meerazella Brushes Review

There’s a new South African accessories online store on the block and they’re sure to satisfy some of your Pinterest needs. Meerazella is a trendy online shopping experience supplying all their fashion forward customers with social media’s must haves.

Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the rose gold unicorn eye brushes and they work just as beautifully as they appear. It’s a 6 piece set that are magical for an eye make up look. Their bristles are soft and gentle on your face and they pick up the product really well. They have a great grip due to their aesthetically pleasing design and their versatile in creating eye looks.


I especially love how easy and effective blending my eyeshadows are with these brushes and how quick it is to use them. They’re perfect for travelling, however they do not come in a case so I just tie them together with a ribbon and pop them in my cosmetics bag. My only downfall was that my eyeshadows do actually stain the bristles even after a wash there’s a slight reddish tint to them.

Overall I highly recommend them, they’re super gorgeous with a great feel and Meerazella has amazing service. Make sure to get your set now!

Also make sure you keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram because I have a giveaway coming up featuring some beautiful products from Meerazella

Watch this space @tashalm28


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