T for Tealyst

Perfectly crafted flavours with detailed ingredients paired to enhance the romantic love affair of each plant. Tealyst offers tea connoisseurs a monthly subscription box to further explore the delicacy and craftsmanship of tea-making. The past 2 months I’ve had the pleasure of further diving into the art of tea.

Tealyst sent me a July box (I apologise it’s a little late) with 4 picked teas each with their own unique flavour. I was gifted with an Iron Goddess Oolong Tea, a Spicy Orange Honeybush Tea, Winter Star Rooibos Tea and a Camomile and Mint Herbal Tea. Three of these teas were packaged in a test tube like cylinder with a cork that really made me feel like a tea expert creating my perfect cup of tea.


Firstly I loved the packaging, the cylinder tubes for the tea, a little postcard and information cards that described how each tea should be made and how to create a perfect cup.

The Spicy Orange Honeybush Tea is the fix for the flu, I made a cup of this tea when I got sick and it really soothes your throat with the spicy citrus flavour. It has a strong orange scent with a slight burn to the back of my throat like ginger. I love the marriage of flavours in this tea, it’s warm and homey and it’s a real mood uplifter especially if you’re under the weather. The flavours really blend well and they have such a unique flavour.

The Winter Star Rooibos Tea has a pungent, sweet flavour with a fruity taste that reminds me of a fruit cake. It has a nutty and sugary essence that really won be over. This is definitely my favourite tea from the box and I am obsessed with the fragrance. If I could I would package it and save the scent in a candle because it’s so beautiful. It’s made with papaya and almond pieces that really releases the deeper flavours and creates a sweet balance.

The Iron Goddess Oolong Tea is a tea from China with an earthy taste, I wasn’t a very big fan of this tea. It has quite a strong flavour but it has a bit of bitter after taste that I didn’t really like. It’s a dark taste that I just wasn’t crazy about.

The Camomile and Herbal Tea has a sweet and fruity fragrance with a minty, light essence that feels as if you’d be drinking flowers. This is my goodnight tea embodied for a night of sweet dreams and to calm my nerves. It’s a calming tea that soothes me and really keeps me relaxed, I really did enjoy this tea.

I really did enjoy my experience with Tealyst and I think it’s such a great concept if you’re a tea fanatic but I did have a few issues. Being a busy woman who’s always on the go I’ve always been used to popping a teabag in my mug adding a little honey and enjoying the warm goodness. With the Tealyst box however I have to make the teabags and make an entire pot of tea. I normally don’t make a pot of tea because I can only manage to finish one cup. Overall the experience has been really awesome and I’ve learnt a thing or two like steeping.

If you’re adventurous in the world of crafted tea I highly recommend subscribing to these lovely boxes.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Smith says:

    I love this concept! I want the Winter Star Rooibos!


    1. tashalm28 says:

      lol I’ll make you a teabag 😘❤️


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