Rivertown Night Market

I am a sucker for a night market, good food, great company and some live music is my scene. The Rivertown Night Market is an upcoming creative space hosting amazing street food and is family friendly, a great outing for everyone.


One of my favourite vendors is the Rolling Pin, a pizza stall that literally make the best Margarita pizza I have ever tasted! It’s fresh and simple but everything is absolute perfection from the sauce the crunch of their base. Best part it’s made in a pizza oven to really bring out those delicious smokey flavours. Looking for a good pizza I highly recommend these guys!

For dessert and something cool to cure the Durban summer heat, grab yourself an ice cream macaroon from one of my favourite sweet-tooth hot spots Sugarlicious. They have an assorted range of ice cream macaroons to appeal to any palette from fruity to decadent. (P.s I’m a huge fan of the Fererro Rocher)


It’s a lovely little hangout spot and you can check them out on the last friday of the month


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