Feel Beautiful with House of Trinity

Created by the talented girl bosses of Durban, House of Trinity is founded on the their passion, love for styling and couture. Three friends with a common interest in the fashion industry; Monique East, Claire Chrystal and Sacha Sack developed a clothing line that expresses their bold personalities and aesthetic tastes.

cropped house of trinity logo

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with this awesome brand for our last giveaway. The quality of their work is simply exquisite, using fine fabrics that are soft and lush as well as playful and fun textiles. I love how unique they are, it’s different and fresh but still tailors to the trends that young women want to follow. House of Trinity is a homegrown boutique that supports local designers and each gorgeous piece is handmade.

These three ladies are women I aspire to be like one day, they created their haven of clothing through their love and a beautiful friendship. It was more than a pleasure to work with this brand it was an absolute honour. Being a brand student I love finding the little South African brands that wiggle their way into your heart and share a whole new perspective of their industry. These young inspirational ladies were fearless in creating their brand and following their dreams.


“It’s about helping women recognise the power they have within themselves, even if that simply means feeling glamourous in a Kaftan.”


In all honesty I’ll support any brand that encourages female empowerment but this really resonated with me. They had a purpose and a brand that understands their purpose is a brand that goes far. They understand who they want to be and how they want to be perceived to their audience (sorry the brand-loving student just came out).

But really in all honesty if you’re conscious about wear you shop and if you want something that is different. I highly recommend supporting these amazing women. Alright, alright I know you want to read about the dress!


First words, simply perfection

Check out my Instagram @tashalm28 for more photos


It’s probably one of the softest, most beautifully comfortable things I’ve ever put on in my life. It’s like my sweatpants met my Forever New cocktail dress, absolutely gorgeous and absolutely comfortable. The dress arrived with a slim-fitted nude slip dress and then the stunning vibrant yet subtle patterned maxi dress. Oh but let’s not forget the fact that this dress came with pockets. That’s all we want in life, clothing with more pockets. I felt like an absolute queen in this dress and I did not want to take it off. If I’m being totally open I tried it on and then pranced around my living room in it. The fabric is so light and it just flows magically. It’s easily one of the nicest garments I own.


Dare to be different, shop local and support House of Trinity


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