Golden Days in Mozambique

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A harsh but emboldened sun left traces of golden glitter along the Mozambican ocean waters. She glistened and gleamed to display her treasures, the sun’s rays tiptoeing along the waters. The grains of sand keep me rooted to her, in awe of her majestic beauty as her shelled pets scurry along her beautiful land. She embraces me, liberates me through the kindness of her people and she takes my breath away with her simplicity.

Two weeks ago I adventured over the South African border to a country that truly has magic. For 4 days I enjoyed the beautiful Mozambique, spending my mornings watching the sun rise above the ocean and shine over her gorgeous country with a cup of coffee in hand and a best friend at my side. I watched this beautiful yet simple country wake up each morning just to bask in her embrace.

 The Resort


We spent our days at Phaphalati Resort & Hotel, watching sunrises on the deck and then making our way down to the secluded beach filled with little crabs that made a parted the way to welcome you to their home. We took walks along the shores and hunted for Mozambican treasures that may have washed up. Along those walks I was vastly educated on the precious gifts of the sea. And after playing at the beach mesmirized by the beauty of the country we took the journey of 103 steps back to the resort (It’s an insane workout). The views on the deck made me want to stand in that spot forever, secluded and at peace. The rooms are neat, they aren’t out of this world-luxury but it was a place to sleep and hide from the mosquitos. The staff were incredible and super friendly always giving off their best and teaching us a little Portuguese here and there.


Travelling in Mozambique was a real adventure, before we had arrived I imagined just casual dirt roads like the type we have in South Africa but Mozambique doesn’t have dirt roads they have sand dunes and Honey there is no such thing as an Uber. We left our car at the border and a driver from the hotel picked us up and let’s just say it’s not a very smooth ride. It was like a 40 minute see-saw but what an incredible experience it was, driving through villages and smelling the delicious scents of peri-peri chicken (that I don’t eat). Travelling from one place to another is quite a distance but it’s enriching to see the Mozambican landscape. It is also a little costly as there aren’t many drivers especially in the area we were situated in. And another thing if you’re planning on taking your car over the border and you don’t have an SUV, well I highly recommend you leave it at the border, the sand dune roads are not to be messed with.


The flavours were different and delicious, a lot of chicken and a lot of prawns that made our mouth water. If you’re in Ponta Malongane I highly recommend the Sunset Shack the Peri-Peri chicken was the best my parents ever had and I indulged in a Mozambican bread called Pao which is this heavy delicious doughy carbs that probably added to my love-handles but they were damn good!


One of my favourite parts of my holiday were the incredible people, they were welcoming and kind going above and beyond truly appreciating anyone who visited their country. I’ve never experienced hospitality and kindness the way I did in their country, our driver would constantly help locals get from one destination to others completely free of charge. Everyone greeted us with friendly smiles as we made our way through the villages and the market area.

The Markets


The market areas are rustic and just like in South Africa, it’s the same trinkets in every shop with each owner desperate to make a sale. It’s a lovely little walk and also probably the only place you can do your shopping if you’re in Ponta Malongane or Ponta Du Ouro. There are beautiful pieces of carved art, sea shells of all different sizes and families as well as a lot of tourist-loving Mozambican tshirts.

Mozambique is one country that I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to.

She embraced me in a hug her perfume the smell of sea salt and her warm aura glowing above the clouds. She gracefully smiled and I knew that soon I would see her again.






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