Catching Flights

Family plays a huge part of my life, they’re my confidants, my support structure and the people I am truly blessed and grateful to have in my life. There’s a very special family that warms my heart and always puts a smile on my face but unfortunately they’re based in Pretoria and I’m based in Durban and let’s be honest juggling a student schedule with minimum personal finances is not easy.

I’m constantly looking for easier ways to find the best ticket prices when I’m booking a flight to Pretoria. One of the best sites that is fantastic to use, is the TravelStart website which makes booking flights at cheap prices super easy. If you’re looking for flights from Johanessburg to Cape Town,they’ve got you covered. Whether you’re planning on booking a holiday, visiting your family or looking for a sweet escape TravelStart has got you covered.

A major trick to saving that cash when you’re booking flights is knowing when is the best time to buy an airline ticket. One of the best secrets shared by TravelStart themselves is the cheapest day to book a domestic flight is typically a Tuesday or Wednesday. So if you’re planning a little trip after those mid-term exams make sure to take a study break today and book those flights, you might just score yourself a save. February and August are usually the cheapest months to fly and are slightly out of peak-season.

Infographic Final 3

Booking your flight on a weekend is a no-go! I know it’s convenient you’re chilling at home and relaxing but you’re better off booking your flight during your Tuesday tut.

Here’s some tips if you’re a travel junkie specifically known for “catching flights and not feelings.” If you’re looking for a tropical escape from the madness with the vision of sipping cocktails (virgin obviously) and relaxing by the pool, the best time to visit Mauritius is now! The weather is perfect with sunshine and an average of 23 degrees so no stress about that excruciating humidity. Thinking about Mauritius has me wanting to book a flight and spending my days sightseeing and enjoy those few days of peace before next semester hits.

Make sure you book your flight with TravelStart and enjoy an incredible adventure where ever you go.


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  1. veebeecouture says:

    This is super informative! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx


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