Why I Stopped Blogging 

Why I Stopped Blogging


It’s been almost 3 months since I last wrote a blog post and to be honest I haven’t created much content for the blog in 2018 as a whole. Life really did get busy and third year did become demanding but I also made the choice to stop blogging.

Writing has been a huge part of my life since as long as I can remember, I probably came out the womb with a notepad and pen trying to write a story. I put a lot of things that I love and that I’m passionate about on hold just to get through this year. I’ve put all my focus in one area that I lost just a piece of myself and I neglected a part of me. Neglecting my passions unfortunately came from a place of insecurity.

I didn’t stop blogging because I was insecure about the content I created, I was insecure as a student trying to break my mould and determined to find an opportunity. I have this bad habit where I compare myself and though I am genuinely happy and excited to see my friends and colleagues crushing their dreams, it’s difficult for me to feel like “I’m not where I should be in life.” So I focussed all my attention on trying to view myself as an equal to those around me that I actually gave up a part of me that made me different.

When it came to my academics I struggled to believe in myself and the good grade on a piece of paper wasn’t a good enough pep talk. I felt like I wasn’t good at what I do and that started to burn out my passion for my career. I love branding but I struggled with confidence to feel like I’m good at it. I needed to remind myself of those little victories and to stop worrying about everyone else and concentrate on me. Because truthfully someone is always going to be better than you and I let my insecurities rob me of what I love to do. Here’s my piece of advice, stop comparing yourself you are exactly where you need to be and just be patient. Great things come to those who wait.

An amazing person in my life reminded me how much I loved this, sharing and writing my thoughts. It was a huge part of my life when he first met me and unfortunately being fixated on everyone else made me put my little joys on hold.

So I’m still not crushing it exactly in my career but I am doing what I love again and focussing on me. You see I was so concerned about all the runners in front of me and trying to catch up that I forgot that life isn’t a race to the finish line, it’s about my own lane and my own journey. So I’m leaving this one to God’s plan and writing again.



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  1. Cheyenne says:

    I love your blog 💕 don’t ever let anyone silence your unique voice! You’re an inspiration and an amazing woman hun


  2. This was a GREAT BLOG 🙏 and I’m so glad you’re doing what you love again, which is so essential in life. As well as focusing on yourself and investing in yourself, not just financially but time wise. Because you can’t buy time. It’s priceless. So focusing and working on yourself and craft is the key. 💕 So thanks again for the honestly and for sharing this blog. I wish you all the best.

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  3. Priar says:

    Well done hun ! Well done for choosing you and well done for being brave enough to do so. If you watched my recent Instastories this past week you would have heard me echoing the same sentiments. In this huge and exciting world it’s very easy to get side tracked with what’s happening around us…. you have to make a conscious decision to focus on yourself and ur personal goals. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future…. Lotsa Love and Support Priar 💗


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