My Guide to Curly Hair Care

My Guide to Curly Hair Care

If you asked me about 5 years ago how I feel about my hair, I probably would have told you I’m not a huge fan. I struggled with this big mass of hair filled with frizz and was often just thrown into a messy bun. The messy bun, often my go to iconic hairstyle was a look of mere convenience, leaving my hair done made me look like a lion. So the hair straightener became my best friend, ironing my hair till both halves were parallel.

But let’s be honest straightening your hair regularly, 1. Causes damage and 2. It’s a damn lot of work. So how did I get all this natural “hairfidence” to let my locks down. There are 3 products that I swear by and a few tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

Step 1: Get your hands on the Hask Coconut Milk and Organic Honey Curl Care Shampoo & Conditioner (R150 at Clicks)

I tried this product from a sample that came with a Marie Claire magazine and noticed that it was specifically for curly hair. Firstly I love this product because a little goes a long way, the consistency is fantastic and the scent is divine although you can get the coconut fragrance it’s not too overbearing. Secondly this product intensely moisturises dry hair and redefines your curls. Any curly haired kid will tell you brushing dry hair is a nightmare and causes curls to lose its definition. Hask keeps your hair looking nourished, feeling like silk and your curls filled with bounce.

Step 2: Washing & Drying your hair

In terms of how I wash my hair, make sure you only shampoo your roots the scalp is not an area we want oily and shampoo is used to wash out those oils. Condition your tips moving from the ends to the top of your head (not your roots though). I like to leave the conditioner in my hair for about 2 minutes and make sure to massage it into your curls. Rinse your hair really well and start to wring your hair out with a microfibre cloth (it’s much softer to use on your hair and helps regarding breakage). I’ve stopped drying my hair with a hairdryer and just towel-dry it lightly.

Step 3: Morroccan Argan Oil


While my hair is still damp I add just a pump of Morrocon Argan Oil, I use the one by Advanced Techniques from Avon and I run it through my curls. One of the most important things to do when you’ve washed your hair is to play with your curls so loosely crunching them to get those perfect curls when they dry.

Wait for your hair to dry and WALLAH!

An extra tip if I want bold curls that are thicker I use the Carmen Electric Rollers, pin them up in my hair once they’ve gotten hot, do my make-up, take the rollers out, add some hairspray and I’m ready to go!

Embrace the gifts you were born with, no one can be you and babe you’re gorgeous. I’ve 100% embraced my curls in fact most people don’t remember what my hair looks like straight. Why be a cookie cutter mould when you were born to be different, so embrace those wild untamed curls. You’re beautiful, naturally and effortlessly beautiful.





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