Discount Divas meet the Entertainer

Last week Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Entertainer South Africa media launch and can I say just what a night it was! The gorgeous 60s inspired and trendy beauty salon Buff Parlour gladly welcomed us into their space, gracing us with champagne and little balls of pink cotton candy.

Feeling my 60s vibe with Miss Betty Boo and a Macaroon 

I was spoilt, and I was pampered the entire night from the incredible and warm service from the Entertainer staff to the relaxing manicures. It was everything I needed after finally finishing my degree and ending my chapter as a student.

But I’m not writing this blog post to give you the feels if you missed out on the event. I’m here for the bargain hunters, the individuals who strive to discover the best sale, the thrifty ones, those who desire value. If you thought you were gonna score on the Black Friday sales, hunny meet the Entertainer, where it’s Black Friday everyday.

The Entertainer is the “ultimate lifestyle savings app” that focuses on beauty, fitness, food and travel. But the best part about this app is that you get to share your awesome discounts with friends and family plus you can track all you savings. You get to enjoy the savings on a lifestyle you live and create new experiences and memories by trying new things. With the app you get access to new discounts 7 days a week.

In my family we love food, we love going to a new restaurant and indulging in new flavours. Being the fashion and beauty lover that I am, I get to score on those discounts too!

Why wouldn’t you want to save on all the things that you love?

For more information and to download the app click the link below


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