Shine in Summer

Over the last two years I’ve really taken a better initiative to look after my skin, since I have pretty dry skin that means using products that really lock in moisture. Here are a few of my skincare favourites, I haven’t included my DIY faves (I’ll save it for another post).

My Skincare routine is pretty standard, I like to use Dove soap to wash my face and then a cleanser, tone and moisture. This is most part of my week. I’ve recently tried out the brand Curaloe and I’m honestly so in love with it! The main ingredient in all of their products is Aloe Vera which is incredible for dark marks on the skin, and a great moisturiser. I tend to gravitate to products with ingredients I particularly like; Aloe Vera, Tumeric, Avocado, Charcoal and various flowers.

I cleanse my face with the Curaloe Cleansing Gel every morning and evening, twice a week in the evening I use a facial cleansing brush to really clean my skin plus it’s like a massage for your face. After cleansing, I then use the Curaloe Toner, I just add some on a cotton pad and rub my face and neck area. Lastly I moisturise with the Curaloe Facial Gel and I’m a happy glowy skin-chappie. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin using Curaloe, dark marks from popped pimples were starting to lighten and my whole face would look brighter after using the products. You can find their range on their website and at Dischem.

I like to use products that consist of mostly natural ingredients, one of my favourite exfoliators which I use twice a week is the Himalaya Walnut Scrub, it smells divine and it really helps me out when I have dried lips. It has such a creamy texture and my skin loves it. I try to do a face mask every 2 weeks and I mix it up between a DIY mask and a sheet mask. If you have dry skin, a sheet mask is fantastic for you, I personally prefer a brightening sheet mask and I usually use the Sorbet mask or I get a few from Miniso. They’re lovely to have on while taking a bubble bath and just a good old pamper session.

Lastly I received the Garnier Moisture Radiance gel from L’O’real after participating in the L’O’real Brandstorm Competition. It’s a great light-weight moisturiser with SPF. It has a beautiful citrus scent that adds a refreshing feeling to the skin. Unfortunately I have not found this in South Africa so I’m using this baby pretty sparingly.

An easy skincare is vital , keep it simple that it doesn’t feel like a mission and make your routine work for you.


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