21 Years, 21 Life Lessons

In 21 years I’m proud to say I’ve grown, I’ve conquered and I’ve failed. I’ve learnt from the pain, to fight in my doubt and to hold my crown up high. These are a few of the life lessons I’ve learnt:

1. If God is for me who or what can be against me.

2. My dad taught me to shoot for the stars and to shine among them.

3. I’ve learnt that love and kindness is the most precious gift you can give.

4. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it on people who don’t uplift you and add positive energy to your life.

5. I’ve learnt resilience and hard work from my mom.

6. Family are not just those who you share DNA with but those who support, love, guide and play a role in your growth.

7. The power of listening, is to be still and understand without judgement.

8. I’ve learnt to pay tribute to my successes and take note of the failures.

9. To be present with those that I love and care for, to put technology down and embrace the moment

10. I’ve learnt to stop being my own bully and rather my own friend.

11. Live every moment because life can flash before you.

12. Just be happy.

13. Confidence is the greatest gift I can give to myself.

14. I’ve learnt that toxic people who undervalue me, use me, hurt me and attack my demenour have no place in my life.

15. Comfort zones don’t help you grow.

16. A bitter loose tongue has the power to break relationships.

17. I’ve learnt to be authentically me, true to my values and being.

18. To trust God and the plans he has for my life.

19. To get out of cleaning the kitchen through the use of emotive storytelling (aka all my campus dramas).

20. I’ve learnt how to wake up my cousins to help me make breakfast…bang the pots on a Saturday at 8am.

21. Lastly I’ve learnt to be comfortable in my own skin, to let people think what they want because I know who I am and those negative opinions don’t validate me.

I’m so grateful to every person who’s been a part of my life because they’ve all shaped me and played a role in my journey. Here’s to more growth and learning curves along the way.


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  1. Kasey says:

    Tash your amazing and inspirational. Keep up the great work


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