Muse on a Mission: Casa Bella

Overlooking the breathtaking Durban beach, Casa Bella at the Pearls of Umhlanga is a hearty spot to all its visitors. They are an upmarket Italian orientated restaurant presenting their customers with mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas and pastas. The sophisticated eatery truly understands how to create a beautiful customer dining experience with impeccable service and quality meals.

I used the Entertainer app to enjoy the elegant yet relaxed experience at the Casa Bella and I was more than in awe of the Italian inspired restaurant. The Entertainer app will allow you to get a 2-for-1 deal with any pizza or pasta on the menu. I enjoyed a family Friday lunch indulging in 2 of Casa Bella’s wood-fired pizza and the craze is certainly understandable. Our waiter was an absolute delight, taking care of our every need, meticulously pouring a glass of wine and sparkling our conversation with his humour.

As part of the Casa Bella dining experience each table is served with the standard pizza toppings; Parmesan, Green Chilis, and Garlic; as well as little squares of comforting goodness a.k.a mini pizza bases. They’re a brilliant “freebie starter” as Casa Bella uses the offcut pizza dough to make nugget-size pizza bases. This means zero waste and some certainly happy customers.

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What Pizzas did we Order and How did I feel about them?

We ordered the Capri, a lover to the vegetarians (no I’m not vegetarian but hey I like my veggies). An authentic hand-pressed pizza with various oven-roasted vegetables, Danish feta, some wild rocket and basil with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. No joke, but this was the best vegetarian pizza I’ve ever had, (yes, I order veggies pizzas pretty often) it was impacted with dynamic but simple flavours.

The Salmon Pizza Bianco was our meal of choice with a “focaccia style” base instead of the traditional tomato base. Filled with cream cheese, some parmesan and garlic and then topped with slender cuts of salmon, garnishes of rocket and a delicious balsamic reduction.

The pizzas were such a hit among my family that we all wanted the last piece and had to equally divide the slice to satisfy each of us. We used to order a similar pizza at Spiga but after their closing it’s been a hunt to find a satisfying alternative.

Casa Bella is the perfect alternative and I plan to use all my Entertainer vouchers, in fact I’ll probably use my smiles to buy some more vouchers.

 If you don’t have the Entertainer app or have never heard of the Smiles option, it basically allows you to repurchase one of your favourite vouchers. Every time you use a voucher, you receive a certain amount of Smiles (it tells you on the voucher the amount of smiles you can receive). You can buy back a voucher when you reach the amount of smiles it’s worth.


Honestly, Casa Bella is a strong 10/10 for me. I wouldn’t change my dining experience in the slightest. However I do want to let you guys know that this isn’t my first encounter with Casa Bella at the Umhlanga Pearls. My first experience was in fact horrible with no service throughout the night and bland, tasteless food. However this previous experience was a complete 360 for me and my viewpoint on Casa Bella completely changed.

How Much Did I save?

The Entertainer is all about saving your moola, and I saved a good R110 bucks, left with a full tummy, a beautiful experience and a very happy customer

Whether it’s a special occasion, date night or just a little lunch I highly recommend Casa Bella, Pearls of Umhlanga. Whatever your preference is, they got it and you’ll have a lovely Casabella Dining Experience.


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