Dreaming of Unicorns Skin Range Review


I’m a lover of small homegrown brands who are passionate about their products, nurturing their brands and adding value to the lives of people. Over the 2 weeks I’ve been trying out the Dreaming of Unicorns skin range that consists of body oils and scrubs. They’re refreshing, natural and beautifully scented from floral to spicy, each one taking care of my skin in their own way.

As a a dry-skin gal, my skin and I have been loving the added moisture and the various fragrances from this brand. They are eco-friendly which is a huge plus for me, promoting sustainability and creating products with the consumer in mind.

The Scrubs:

Wake Me Up Before You Go, is a refreshing blend of skin-loving oils with a sweet-lemon scent (probably the lemon grass oil). This scrub adds such a beautiful, revitalised glow to the skin as well as moisture. I’ve been such a huge fan of scrubs since they’re great to get ready of that flakey dry skin.

Sugar and Spice, is my favourite scrub from Dreaming of Unicorns. Mixed with sugar and cinnamon this scrub is like an indian dessert for your skin. This product was specifically created to combat the winter cold adding warmth and circulation to the blood vessels and body. It’s quite dreamy to use for a late night bath, with some candles.

Rose Without Thorns, yup it smells just like roses and is great for those who have a little more sensitive skin. I love the slight pink tone of this scrub and the exfoliation of this scrub is a lot lighter in comparison to the previous ones, ( a lot nicer to use on the face).

The Oils:

I Love Me, is a body oil centred around creating a confident woman. It’s a highly moisturising products which assists in lightening stretch marks and scarring. I’ve been working this magic on my thighs.

Fire in my Belly, is the mood changer I add this oil to my baths and just soak in all the goodness. I love this because it’s personally so relaxing and I’m moisturising my skin at the same time.

Just Give Me a Reason, has a orange-citrus scent that makes it my favourite body oil. It’s rich in vitamin C helping to reduce dark spots and blemishes.

I’ve really enjoyed how soft and hydrated my skin’s been feeling using these products. Make sure to check our their facebook and instagram pages, @dreamingofunicornssa.

Support Local, Support Small Businesses


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