Muse on a Mission: Play & Destress with The Fun Company

Hey let’s be honest for a moment, adulting can easily take its tole on you. With the constant pressures of a 9-5 job, social media and trying to be a decent person and all the other plans you’ve overly committed to, sometimes all you need is a little play time and destress session. Why not enjoy a night of nostalgic bliss and happiness with The Fun Company and The Entertainer App.

I strongly believe in living a stress-free lifestyle to maintain a positive mental health and I have a lot of things that I do that keep me calm, happy and positive. From meditation and prayer time, some light reading or a good old Lush bath soak self-care is extremely important for the mind and soul.

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Starting my holiday right ❤️

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But you know what’s great for the heart? A little playful competition and stress-free recreation time with The Fun Company.

Some time ago I grabbed some friends for a few friendly games at The Fun Company but hey when you have competitive friends no game is quite as friendly. We threw basketballs into hoops, stomped out spiders and knocked down clowns. The Fun Company, a child’s paradise is now an adult’s walk down memory lane and sanctuary. It’s a place that allows me to connect with my inner child and let me play and destress whether it’s speeding in a formula one game or a fun game of air hockey.

I love air hockey! I get super competitive

The ability to play like a child lets you not have a care in the world, it lets you be free and for that moment the care of the world is no longer a weight on your shoulders. The Fun Company is also one of my go-to date night plans, a little healthy competition killed no relationship. We laugh till our bellies ache, we cheer each other on and sometimes we hustle hard. In the moment nothing feels better ( * que Khalid Better) and the worry melts away as the endorphins and adrenaline rushes through me.

Dance and destress your worries away with The Fun Company. I love a good dance party and throwing on my dancing shoes and moving my feet to the beat or really where ever the arrow points. It’s really the best opportunity to dance like nobody is watching.

With the Entertainer App you can have all the fun with half the price! Try the app and you can receive R100 credit when you spend R100 at The Fun Company (specifically the arcade). So grab those friends who also need a fun playful night out.


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